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Soundtrack Rust and Bone movie from Jacques Audiard

Posted by Anonyme le 04/15

Soundtrack Rust and Bone

The short review of Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone is a movie directed by Jacques Audiard. The movie was part of the Cannes Film Festival selection.
Rust and Bone tells the story of Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) and Stéphanie (Marion Cotillard). Ali arrives with his five year old son at his sister's house in the south of France. He has no home. He settles there and tries to find some work.
Stéphanie is the independent type of girl. She has a very specific job : she trains killer whales in a big aqualand park.
They met in a club at night. Ali works for the club security this evening and Stéphanie had some problems with a guy. He drove her home and let his phone number. She is wealthy and looks like a princess but he hopes that perhaps she will call him one day.
The next day, Stéphanie has an accident at her work. The killer whales turn mad and attack. When she wakes up at the hospital, she discovers she had both legs amputated.
Time goes by. One day, Stephanie calls Ali. He comes. They go to the beach and begin to see each other a lot.
Rust and Bone soundtrack has two types of music.
First, the soundtrack has been composed by Alexandre Desplat : it's classical music. Then, Rust and Bone ost has some electro and pop music such as Katy Perry (Firework). The electro music appears in the club, at the marineland.
Rust and Bone soundtrack is rough and sensitive, like the characters in the movie. 


  1. Trackstar le 10/28 - http://tdrbrill@gmail.com
    Kendra - the song is a mix: Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper (Trentemøller Mix)
  2. Kattie le 11/23 - http://www.moviesmount.com
    Wow, what a great movie it is..... Simply amazing........ And here comes the link that will help you to go for this movie.... http://www.moviesmount.com/rust-and-bone-movie
  3. marius le 11/27
    Hi ,who knows the song when she buys the Nissan c ar?please hepl me at comimex91@yahoo.com
  4. Irene Pap le 12/14
    Guys I would like some help. In this "rust and bone" trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ouRNc5ek4 there are two songs playing. The first one is "Goodbye" from Apparat(it is referred in the list above also) the second one, starting at 0:51 until the end, does anybody know the name?? It's driving me crazy! I've heard the whole "rust and bone" soundtrack but it's not included. It sounds like Alexandre Desplat's song... Any help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Irene Pap le 12/14
    Je voudrais un peu d'aide. Dans cette «rouille et d'os" bande annonce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ouRNc5ek4 il ya deux chansons. Le premier est «Goodbye» d'Apparat (il est fait référence dans la liste ci-dessus également) la seconde, en commençant à 0:51 jusqu'à la fin, quelqu'un sait-il le nom? Il me rend dingue! J'ai entendu tous "rouille et d'os" soundtrack, mais il n'est pas inclus. Il sonne comme chanson d'Alexandre Desplat ... Toute aide sera appréciée! Merci d'avance!
  6. Kendra le 12/28
    what is the song played when Stephanie (Marion Cotillard) negotiates money for Ali's fight? She is wearing a leather jacket, after her accident. lyrics go something like... "please don't [stab] (?) me" ? please let me know!!!
  7. Sumguy le 12/28
    What is the song in the bar when she throws her drink in the guys face since he dissed her? I cannot find it for squat! Love the bass and rhythm for it.

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