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Soundtrack Midnight in Paris movie from Woody Allen

Posted by ariane le 05/12

Soundtrack Midnight in Paris

The short review of Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen did Whatever works and You will meet a tall dark stranger, two movies where reality is at its peak. With his new movie, Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen chooses an impressive first character : Paris where humour and surrealism are everywhere. French and American actors are mixed for a great casting : on the french side, Marion Cotillard or Carla Bruni, on the american side : Rachel McAdams.
But the most beautiful part in Midnight in Paris is the soundtrack with Bechet, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker. It's like we changed time, suddenly, and as the main character, we are allowed to travel around french periods.


  1. Mar le 09/18
    Please guys, Im looking for this accordion song you hear at the background when Gil and lovely Marion Cotillard are in this cafe, after he gave her the earrings. Ive been searching for this song for ages now. Thanks!
  2. brux le 05/28
    This movie had really great music ... but ... I just saw the movie and i am going crazy to know the name of the jazz guitar instrumental piece - i think it was playing in a bar scene the first night Gil goes back in time ... and it is definitely not listed here? Also the music is not listen on the website or on IMDB. I'd really like to know what it was? Anyone?
  3. ep le 05/28
    The song is Bistro Fada and has been composed by Stephane Wrembel (http://www.stephanewrembel.com). You can buy at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stephanewrembel
  4. châtaigne le 06/01
    your list does not include the accordeon track! who is playing ? what song ?
  5. lampshade le 06/05
    why oh why is this not on itunes?
  6. ceasart le 06/06
    the accordion track is just the song "parlez-moi d'amour"
  7. Richard le 06/12
    I agree, some great music. The song on the back track that was constantly repeated is not listed either, any Idea.
  8. fanboy le 06/13
    I have looked all over the internet for Cole Porter's "Let's Do It," and I have come across many great covers of the song, including the one listed in your soundtrack, but cannot seem to find the original one as sung in the movie! It would make my day if someone could let me know where I could find it!
  9. Dizzyfingers le 06/15
    The Cole Porter songs were performed by Conal Fowkes. Visit http://www.davisfowkes.com/?p=185 I think they will be available on the sound track CD when it comes out. If not, get in touch with Conal Fowkes via the website.
  10. Thelonious_Cube le 06/15
    FYI - if you can find them there are recordings of Cole Porter doing some of his own tunes (incl Let's Do It, I believe). He adds lyrics as I recall, too - pretty cool stuff!
  11. fiddler859 le 06/15
    Anyone know the waltz being played by the two violins and an unseen piano during the La Belle Epoque period? Haunting. French?
  12. HEATHER le 06/15
  13. pugslee1950 le 06/18 - http://www.UkeLadyMusic.com
    Loved the music!!! Great gypsy jazz too. Scenery and costumes from the 1890's and 1920's wee good too. I'll be going back to heare the music!!!
  14. Swimfast le 06/19
    When does the soundtrack come out? Will not all the tracks in the movie be on the sountrack?
  15. Aurora le 06/19
    Check out Stephane Wrembel's website www.stephanewrembel.com! He composed and performed "Bistro Fada". You'd recognize it as the lovely Django Reinhardt style waltz that plays throughout the film. Stephane is a very accomplished musician from Fontainebleau, France who has worked with Woody Allen before (Vicky Cristina Barcelona). He currently lives in NY, and I have had the pleasure of hearing him play live in Brooklyn on several occasions. He tours all over the USA and in Europe. If you every get the opportunity to see him play, be prepared to have your mind blown! He is unbelievably talented, and completely amazing to watch.
  16. Steve le 06/19 - http://www.twitter.com/theeclectic
    Full soundtrack listing (You're welcome) "Si tu vois ma mère" Composed and performed by Sidney Bechet "Je suis seule ce soir" Written and composed by Rose Noel, Jean Casanova and Paul Durand and (not sure who performed it, but it's a piano instrumental in the movie. Can someone find out who performs it and post? Thanks) "Recado" Written and composed by Luiz Antonio and Djalma Ferreira and performed by Original Paris Swing "You've got that thing" Composed by Cole Porter and performed by Conal Fowkes "Let's do it" Composed by Cole Porter and performed by Conal Fowkes "La Conga Blicoti" Performed by Josephine Baker "You do something to me" Composed by Cole Porter and performed by Conal Fowkes "I Love Penny Sue" Composed and performed by Daniel May "Charleston" Composed by James P. Johnson et Cecil Mack and performed by Enoch Light and The Charleston City All Stars "Ain't she sweet" Composed by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen and performed by Enoch Light and The Charleston City All Stars "Parlez-moi d'amour" Composed by Jean Lenoir and performed by Dana Boulé "Barcarolle" Composed by Jacques Offenbach and performed by Yerason Trio (Yrving and Lisa Yeras on violin and Conal Fowkes) "Can-can" Composed by Jacques Offenbach "Ballad du Paris" Composed and performed by François Parisi (accordion) "La Parc de Plaisir" Composed and performed by François Parisi (accordion)
  17. Nick le 06/23
    I loved the film so much I've seen it 5 times already! Thanks for the elaborate song listing Steve. I hope it is released as a soundtrack so I don't have to hunt all these songs down individually!
  18. Fernando le 06/25
    Need the name of the song that starts at 1:12 in the trailer! Thanks! Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYRWfS2s2v4
  19. Dido le 06/26
    me too , i need the same, please!
  20. Steve le 06/27
    Seemed to me that there were a number of soft, contemplative clarinet solos as background music (as opposed to songs being performed in the clubs). Suppose it could be Bechet on alto sax – but sounded more mellow - like clarinet. (Made me wonder if Woody Allen did a musical cameo or two himself). Anyone recognize the pieces or the performer on those?
  21. Al Dale le 06/30
    The La Belle Epoche (Maxim's) instrumental was Barcarolle by Offenbach.
  22. :) le 07/01
    this was so helpful i cannot even explain!! thank you so much! i have been in love with this soundtrack for too long now without finding it :). i hope they do release a soundtrack so i cannot retrieve some of the songs i could not find!
  23. Angel le 07/01
    Whats is the name of the song in the preview is like a tango?
  24. André le 07/03
    Hello! Please, what is the name of the music that opens the film and also comes on the final credits?? I was simply amazed at the cinema! thanks!
  25. André le 07/03
    Already found! Si tu vois ma mère! Simply genial Sorry to disturb !
  26. Judy le 07/04
    I kept thinking I was hearing Django Reinhardt playing the guitar...did Woody Allen use any of his music in the film?
  27. Zozia le 07/05
    Great movie and great soundtrack. But why Moonlight Serenade appears two times in the list and none of them seems to work? :-/
  28. Hilcoguy le 07/05
    Seems like the guitar/violin was Stephane Grappelli and Django Rhinehart........can you verify that? Or list who did it.
  29. Steve le 07/06 - http://www.twitter.com/theeclectic
    See my comment above for the complete listing. The gypsy jazz piece is not Django, it's Stephane Wrembel.
  30. Cal le 07/07
    What is the name of the song as Gil and Adriana are entering Maxims? My favorite.
  31. Cal le 07/07
    Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach
  32. Janice le 07/08
    Where can I buy Jacques Offenbach's "Ballad du Paris"? It's in the credits, but not on the soundtrack.
  33. Janice le 07/08
    Ballad du Paris was in credits but isn't on the soundtrack. Where can I find it?
  34. puzzlegirl le 07/08
    You can purchase a download of the theme track "Bistro Fada" at www.stephanewrembel.com.
  35. R le 07/08
    Is woody Allen playing the clarinet in the opening scenes?
  36. Wally Ballou le 07/10
    The distinctive sound of the Sidney Bechet piece comes from his soprano sax, a rarely played instrument that combines the higher octaves of the clarinet with the virbrato of the sax. Bechet was most famous for his wonderful Dixieland jazz, using his soprano sax in the place of clarinet part. "Si tu vois ma mère" in the movie was hauntingly beautiful.
  37. Holy Joe le 07/13
    Great Music, Great MOVIE and not one curse word??? IN todays motion picture industry!!!! Cant wait for the soundtrack, went AGAIN for the 6th Time to see this wonderful trip to Paris, should be in DVD any day now!! Thanks Woody
  38. MAC le 07/14
    saw this movie last night - wife thought it boring but i liked it. best part was the beautiful music - which i will purchase today - and the fact that woody allen directed but was not in same...
  39. Santiago le 07/16
    Barcarolle offenbach is the name of the waltz at maxims with violins ( also featured in la vida es bella ) guido contini
  40. ANDO le 07/18
    By far Woody's best movie. LOVED IT!
  41. Steve le 07/23 - http://www.twitter.com/theeclectic
    I contacted one of the artists from the movie's soundtrack and asked them when it would be released. You all won't like this response I got... "Apologies for the delayed response but I finally have confirmation from the producers that unfortunately, no soundtrack will be produced for this film. Sad! However, I am attaching here a list of all the music credits as listed in the movie and a copy of the track I did. Enjoy!" We need to send emails to whoever put this movie out and demand a soundtrack be made!!!
  42. Bobby B le 07/24
    Just saw the movie and am frustrated that you have to have IMDBpro to get any serious info on music...Having sat 3 feet from woodie at the carlyle while he plays with his band in NYC....I am willing to bet that it was he playing clarinet on a few of the dixie jazz style pieces....he has a very pronounced and almost unique lip vibrato ....and I have never heard it from another.....so either someone was mimicking him...or he is mimicking another?
  43. RANIA le 07/30
    I just got home from thoroughly enjoying this beautiful and very clever film and its beautiful music! Thank you all for the information you have provided regarding the soundtrack and a big thank you to dear Woody Allen!
  44. NAB le 08/07
    I'm going crazy looking for the whistle that plays in the background while Owen is walking around. Anyone know anything about it, where to get it, etc. Thanks in advance!
  45. msk le 08/08
    Hey, it was a really really nice movie! I ejoyed it very much! Still i'm looking the whole time when Gil and Adriana are dancing to a slow piece of music in Maximus. When Adriana told him that she were talking about Maximus when they first met! I really need the name of the song please, it was sooo romantic. Thanks!
  46. msk le 08/08
    between Barcarolle and Can-Can
  47. chs le 08/14
    i can't believe that they aren't going to produce ost! i need that ost! to where do i send demending email? they're losing golds over this!golds!
  48. Steve le 08/22 - http://www.twitter.com/theeclectic
    Send an email demanding a soundtrack here -> sony_classics@spe.sony.com
  49. nycfreshman le 09/02 - http://twitter.com/#!/NYCfreshman
    Just saw the movie last night.. fantastic! Does anyone know if salons like the one in the movie exist now? (referring to the scenes where the main character and the artists/writers were in the publisher's home to discuss their work)
  50. Jude le 09/29
    Having haunted local sources waiting for this soundtrack.(never searched for any music like I have this one) I still can't believe no soundtrack of this incredibly beautiful movie/music will be forthcoming. The kid at Best Buy looked at me like I was nuts when I told him they "just had to have it in their computer files somewhere." Woody and Sony are really missing a great opportunity to make a few bucks and make musical goosebumps around the world.
  51. mich le 10/06
    Please, can someone tell me the name of the track played on violin in the restaurant in the trailer for the film. it is about 1 min into trailer. Thanks.
  52. Fan le 10/07
    "I was told by the producer that there will be a sound track album..." From Conal Fowkes' blog: http://www.davisfowkes.com/?p=226
  53. Jill le 10/10 - http://www.socialworkprograms.org
    Are there any recordings of the accordian music in the movie (amazing movie): Ballad de Paris- Parisi La Parc de Plaisir Parisi And most especially: Parlez-moi d'amour - Dana Boule Great site and list from Steve too.
  54. MNG le 10/12
    The movie and the whole soundtrack are "magnifiques! Bravo to Woody and "merci beaucoup" for giving us the opportunity to listen this "merveilleuse musique"
  55. bluebeep le 10/23
    great film, music made this film great and watched it twice in 2 days haunting atmosphere combined with unusally long photo travel guide of paris at the start. Car also gives creative atmosphere, this will become a quirky classic
  56. JohnEJ le 10/30
    The music made the film...pity Woody is too old to take the leading part nowadays.
  57. BruBron le 11/08
    Nice to see the strong comments about Stephane Wremble. Wow, this guy can play! He is really special in that in addition to being a terrific musician, he is relativly young playing an older style-- but bringing it to life with just hints of more modern jazz. His tune--Bistro Fada -- is really the theme song of the movie. It not only is played through out and serves as a bridge between ideas and scenes, but the feel of the song perfectly captures both the old and new world of the movie, along with a rich Euorpean charm, fun and mischief. It was really a perfect choice by Allen for this soundtrack. If you can hear his other recordings do -- he is just amazing on the guitar, and as you can see from the little clip, like other truly great musicians, he seems to make complicated playing look effortless.
  58. Rob le 11/18
    Hi,what was the song sung in French by Julio Iglesias in the credits at the end.
  59. seba le 12/11
    the music track in the trailer of this film?? the first song in trailer...
  60. Sandy le 12/25
    Ok, this is not a question, at least as far as I know about soundtrack music, but since you seem to know a lot about French music, I thought I'd ask... I am trying to identify the music to a video on a blog site. I already contacted the writer and she doesn't know. And yesterday I spent hours listening to all the French music snippets I could find on amazon to no avail. This is the link, and when you click on the video Baby Monkeys Outside my Window, it starts playing. http://www.happierthanabillionaire.com/2011/10/31/baby_monkeys/#more-1081 Thanks for any help you can give.
  61. Allobo le 01/03 - http://www.allobo.com
    Hello Sandy, do you mean Tu Vuò Fa' L'Americano? It's not french as far as I know.
  62. RICHARD le 01/12
    I agree with all these great comments. This was truly one of Woody's best movies.............and certainly one of his best soundtracks. I too have been searching for the soundtrack of this movie, If any of you haven't as yet found it, there is a soundtrack avaiable and it IS available as a download from iTunes. I was delighted to have found it and now have it in my collection!!
  63. Sandy le 01/19
    Allobo, I think you are spot on with the title. Seems to be Italian, rather than French. I listened to excerpts from 282 versions of that song but none were the one used on that website . Also checked on youtube to no avail. Not quite sure where else to check, but at least I have a title now, THANKS!
  64. Garland le 01/23
    Does anyone know where they filmed the amusement park scene in the movie ...thanks
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  66. Ken le 03/29
    3/28/12 * For some reason I can't receive/play the sound from this web page any more? Also does anyone know the artist/version/where to buy or download of the "Let's do it/Cole Porter" version that was on this page? Thanks
  67. Teb le 03/29
    Anyone know the song from Bricktops? When They watch the lady dance, and Gil looks stupified. It's killing me! Thanks:)
  68. Ken le 04/02
    Ted - I believe it is Josepine Baker's La Conga Blicoti as referenced above in the play list ... and can be puchased on the movie soundtrack now and just about anywhere ... I believe I discovered the answer to my own question above 03/29 ... the allobo.com version of Cole Porter's Let's Do It can be accessed on youtube as "Nat Star Let's Do It" ... Great version for us, but rare and hard to purchase ... I still can't get the allobo web site to play ??? - Ken
  69. Ted le 04/02
    Ah, there we go, I totally missed it. Thanks a bunch Ken. I found that version of Let's Do It on youtube, and then I converted it to an mp3 format.
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  71. JR le 06/05
    I'd bet, too, that it is Woody on the clarinet.
  72. Carlos le 06/25
    Where can I buy an audio cd that has all these songs together? The soundtrack only has 13 songs but I want all of these songs.
  73. nishi le 08/03
    hey guys sorry if this is late but most of them here were wanting the OST "LETS DO IT LETS FALL IN LOVE" the one played in the movie.. found it and added it. check out track 17...
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  82. Simon le 02/28 - http://www.vigrxplusterbaik.com/
    Please, can someone tell me the name of the track played on violin in the restaurant in the trailer for the film. it is about 1 min into trailer. Thank

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