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Soundtrack La vie d'Adèle movie from Abdellatif Kechiche

Posted by Anonyme le 05/26

Soundtrack La vie d'Adèle


  1. Rita le 12/24
    Wonderful........ SOUNDTRACKS love so much.......Thanks for La VIE D'AELE right now!
  2. thiago le 01/07
    Tocou uma música no filme..na cena da parada gay..logo após ter tocado Epic...a música é muito boa..mas nenhum lugar menciona esta música.. Queria muito saber o nome..obrigado!!!
  3. Robert le 02/04
    I love this film. Abdelatif kechiche is a genius. At the birthday party of Adele there are some songs. One is I follow rivers. But the others ,I don't know them.Can anybody help? Thank you
  4. blue le 02/08
    This is playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVt4At8i7OgJeM7nFqOhvDBOpTwsEkZvx
  5. vivien le 02/08
    in my flavour
  6. sol le 02/15
    i wanna know the name of the song that plays just after EPIC, there is another song and i even don´t know the letter. please i wanna find it,.
  7. blue le 03/05
    New http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzeISPnd-5cXSc9g3qZWeeoiiWfZ7ZIgi
  8. jeneya le 03/17
    i think i am full in love with emma,when i hear the music i have to cry
  9. Angel le 05/01
    I love the movie Blue and all the songs from the movie soundtrack. Does anybody know who sell and/or where I can ibuy the movie blue soundtrack from? I've been searching on the internet, but all i see is the movie DVD for purchase and not the movie soundtrack. I love every song on this playlist Soundtrack La vie d'Adèle.
  10. J。 le 06/25
  11. Eva le 08/02 - http://no
    I can't agree more with Jeneya.l love Emma. watched the movie for eight times!

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